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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [WWW]Forum landing page
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2013 19:39:17 GMT
On 16/07/2013 Ricardo Berlasso wrote:
> 2013/1/13 RGB ES<>
>> The forum landing page still have the incubator logo:
>> I think it needs to be replaced by the Apache logo.
> Anyone working on this? It will be perfect if the page is fixed before 4.0
> release.

I have access to that machine and I prepared the files there, but I 
don't have enough privileges to actually put them online.

It is enough that someone with sudo access to runs:
$ sudo cp /home/pescetti/www/apache-logo.png /var/www/
$ sudo cp /home/pescetti/www/index.php /var/www/
to fix it (then the files owner can be set as it is now, 
www-data:www-data for the PNG file and www-data:phpbb for the PHP file).

If someone wants to provide a 300x100 pixels replacement for
I can make it available on that machine too if this helps as an 
intermediate step.


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