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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Building the PDF Import extension
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 13:17:37 GMT
OpenOffice 4 (like all previous versions) does not include the PDF 
Import extension. But, while in OpenOffice 3.4.x it was enough to 
download it from the Extensions site, Ariel wrote that he expects that a 
PDF Import Extension built for OpenOffice 3.x won't work except on 
64-bit Linux, due to the stlport changes.

PDF Import is by far the most popular extension, so I'd like that we are 
prepared if we receive questions. Due to a GPL dependency, it's not 
shipped with OpenOffice, but questions will come here so...

I tried downloading the extension from and it works nicely, but 
I'm in the exceptional case (I tested on 64-bit Linux, the only platform 
where the old extension is expected to work). Do people who use other 
operating systems have problems?

I also tried building PDF Import by configuring (release tag) with
./configure --enable-category-b ... --enable-pdfimport --with-system-poppler
and this produces main/solver/400/.../bin/pdfimport/pdfimport.oxt which 
works (probably on my system only).

Then I tried with only (i.e., no system poppler)
./configure --enable-category-b ... --enable-pdfimport
but this didn't produce anything.

Do we have some inconsistencies in the configure options? And what is 
the right way to build pdfimport in a "portable" way? Honestly I believe 
that, even if due to license constraints this cannot be formally 
released by the project, it will be easier that someone individually 
releases an updated version on the Extensions site rather than 
explaining all of the above to random users...


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