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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: [RESULT][VOTE]: Release OpenOffice 4.0 (RC2)
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2013 06:40:23 GMT
On 22.07.2013 20:31, imacat wrote:
> On 2013/07/20 06:26, Juergen Schmidt said:
>> Am Freitag, 19. Juli 2013 um 19:46 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>>> Dave Fisher wrote:
>>>> On Jul 19, 2013, at 9:09 AM, janI wrote:
>>>>> It is in principle no good, that a single person decides if a vote is
>>>>> or not, it sort of invalidates the idea of voting.
>      Hmm... ^^;  I did not notice this following discussion.
>      I suppose we are counting the votes, not the comments after the
> votes.  That is, whether I comment as "for the release blocker #NNNN" or
> "for missing the Traditional Chinese version" or "bc'z I'm krazzzzzzzy"
> is irrelevant to my vote.  The interpretation of the comments belong to
> the [DISCUSS] thread, not to this [VOTE] thread.

I absolutely agree.  Andrea already updated the vote result 
accordingly.  Maybe we can sort things like the reason for you -1 before 
the vote.


>      So please still count me as -1, although this does not affect the
> result of the votes.  I have to present my position as a member of our
> local community.
>      Nevertheless, this release is great!  It's really pity for me not
> able to involve in the process of this release.  Thanks to Juergen and
> everybody on your hard work on this release.
>>>> imacat's VOTE was not a Veto as you cannot veto a release.
>>> Enough misunderstandings here (I think that Jan was saying: Juergen
>>> cannot decide by himself whether a -1 is valid...).
>>> Anyway, let's update the tally to 24 "+1" votes (14 binding) and 1 "-1"
>>> vote (imacat, binding) and move on.
>>> As Juergen already wrote, we remain committed to make the traditional
>>> Chinese version available at the earliest occasion, it is already at
>>> 100% but it simply came too late to build/include it. In the meantime,
>>> it will be available as snapshot build.
>> do whatever you want, from my point of view imacat voted on something that wasn't
part of the vote. It remains an invalid vote for me.
>> Juergen
>>> Regards,
>>> Andrea.
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