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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: AOO in the Linux distros
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 13:02:19 GMT
On 25.07.2013 12:24, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:

>> Please NO trademark war against Linux distributions.
> nobody wants a trademark war, we simply want that it is taken careful
> and don't underestimate the power of our brand.
> I really would like to collaborate with the distros and also with
> volunteers of LibreOffice.
> The question is how wec an collaborate with LO best, the current
> approach how they take stuff from AOO is damaging open source in
> general. They can take it but the communication how they do it is key
> here. And to be honest I have no respect for this but I also believe
> that this is only driven by a smaller group of people and not the
> broad LO community.

That isn't a problem caused by the GNU/Linux-distributionsor their
maintainers. It's caused by some LO-developers.
> I hope they will see the benefit of closer collaboration in the future.
That would be the best - especially for the users of a Free office-suite.
> Linux distros will hopefully be more open if we can find maintainers
> who are interested to help and improve our building and packaging
> process. This is a minimal requirements to find the way back into the
> distros. Maybe not all but the ones that are open and believe in open
> source.
We have to find out the needs and necessities of the distros. And we
need people who are willing and able to package AOO in the distros' way.
That's not easy.
>> As I told some weeks ago we need volunteers to maintain Apache 
>> OpenOffice in each GNU/Linux Distributions.
> agree that is key for all further steps to fnd the way back in any
> distro. We need people who are interested to help here in this area
There a not a lot of people in the world who are able and willing to do
that. AOO (and LibrOffice also) is really a beast of code.


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