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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: A little question about other palttforms
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 17:16:37 GMT
On 7/31/13 6:40 PM, kalle hauser wrote:
> Dear AOO Devs,
> rob weir did a nice conclusion of the download statistic for AOO 4.0. 
> 1. Congratulations to the growing interest for AOO and your sucessfull release of 4.0
> 2. The statistic shows that windows is the main plattform for AOO. Since Apples success
with their touchscreen-powered smartphone and tablet, tablets with Android and iOS gets more
and more important.
> Do you plan a mobile touchscreen-optimized version of AOO 4 in the future to be prepared
for the shift from PC to mobil plattforms like Android or iOS?
> Whats about an AOO Version running in a webbrowser with cloud-connection (i personaly
dont like clouds, but they get more and more popular)? I thinks its important to move with
the changes in the IT-World to survive...

I would say no concrete or detailed plans but we are watching what's
going on and we would support any initiative to start working in this
direction. AOO is based on an older and over year grown codebase and it
is not the easiest task to make this beast ready for the future. Means
it requires some work ...

But again we are open for anything and if volunteers come up and want to
work on this, we will help where we can ...


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