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From Drew Jensen <>
Subject Re: New Features and Enhancements video
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 19:39:16 GMT
OOPS - double post -

Just to be clear, the zip file I uploaded today contains nothing that
should be considered done - there are lots of issues needing addressed on
each before they are ready for use - well, enough to keep a guy busy for a
week, at least ;)

Please, feel to free to comment on any CHUNK or LOOP file, these are the,
IMO, core artifacts on which all he fun stuff hangs.


On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Drew Jensen <>wrote:

> Howdy,
> Well, I'be not had a chance to read any mail, after my last message,
> before writing this so if it seems like I've missed something already
> mentioned that would be the reason.
> I've been plowing ahead with my ideas here; not just as a single activity
> to produce one or two videos but rather to start a framework for a project
> multi-media resources library, from which multiple videos, for multiple
> purposes, would be generated. It could also be used to generate themed
> artifacts for fliers/presentations/artwork(wallpapers, etc) that tie in
> with these videos.
> The key is to generate small chunks, of high quality, which can then be
> used to mix final works.
> By way of example I've uploaded a zip file at:
> with the following files:
> July30/Chunks
> - AOO4_default_blk.mp4 and AOO4_default_white.mp4 are (should be, more on
> that later) used as consistent backgrounds in other chunks
> - WelcomeUsers.mp4, NewLogo.mp4, CommunityActivities.mp4,
> CommunityActivities.mp4 where created as a reshaping of the wiki features
> and enhancements page.
> - Each video includes a voice over (almost) and there is an associated
> text file with transcript of same.
> For the initial finished product I had in mind three category of video and
> one physical video for each category.
> The categories I had in mind are
> Flowers - as in 'Congrats on the new birth' - short, punchy and could
> supply the ending of the other videos to tie them together and for re-use
> efficiencies.
> Community - The apache way, recruiting, etc.
> Features - about the product  or services offered by the community.
> Alright, so I already turned in a 'flowers' type video last week [and
> since no one else has said it, a not so good one] but do not consider that
> the final work.
> For the 'community' category - These pieces:
> CommunityBeforeCode_loop.mp4, suitable for use at a show table running on
> a laptop, voice over, no musical background - notice I did not tag this
> with a license.
> AOO4_HotTamaleBaby.mp4 and hottamale.mp4 take that basic loop and add a
> little party music.
> For the 'features' category - These:
> NewFeaturesAndEnhancements_loop.mp4 - again, voice over only, note no
> license
> AOO_Features_Waltz.mp4, add a nice sound track and pickup my license tag,
> notice I said MY license tag, I think that is the best way to approach
> these pieces with CC license material - but that is a subject needing some
> thought gong forward.
> In the graphics directory, well, graphics files ;) - some descriptions to
> follow.
> So, my vision would be to at the end deliver, somehow, for the projects
> use an ISO with all the files used to produce the works, this would include
> the OpenShot and Pitivi (and other) project files, it would include some
> instructions (which we would build as we do this) on how to make use of the
> material.
> What I would hope could be done, if the good folks at source forge are
> willing which I expect hey would be, is to generate a small and changing
> over time set of videos and have these dished out to users in round robin
> fashion.
> There is a fair bit here to consider, I'm aware, and I will end this mail
> here. I should be picking up mail again in 2 or 3 days and will also have
> an update to the files.
> Best wishes,
> //drew
> On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 3:09 PM, Andrea Pescetti <>wrote:
>> On 25/07/2013 Drew Jensen wrote:
>>> edit?usp=sharing<>
>>> There is an opening 8 seconds with the logo on a non-white background:
>>> 1 - is that acceptable
>>> 2 - is the ASF tag line acceptable
>> I think that both are acceptable, but there's no need to display
>> trademark attribution for all the length of the video. It will be enough to
>> have them in the closing credits, maybe with the longer version that is in
>> the page footer.
>>  Then there is what would be the body of the piece - a full white
>>> background, as this logo really doesn't work to well otherwise it seems
>>> to
>>> me.
>>> 1 - I assume the logo is not an issue here, but thought I'd double check.
>>> 2 - I changed the ASF tagline to blue, as you can see
>>> 2a - I wonder if I may drop that (the ASF tagline) on the body frames,
>>> leaving it on the opening and then bringing it back for the credits at
>>> the
>>> end, as I will include sub-titles with this piece (in English) and that
>>> space would be the place for these to display of course.
>> Yes, it is just visual noise to keep it visible for all the video.
>>  Anyway, that is enough for now and to get things started.
>> It's a good start!
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.
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