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From Rajath Shashidhara <>
Subject Re: Next Step
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2013 11:58:17 GMT
Hello Juergen,

In the example provided by you, there is an xdl file which describes the
the UI of the dialog box.
I looked up the xdl file. Each element has an id and a help url associated
with it.

I looked up both and

OptionsPageDemo implements XDispatchProvider and XDispatch interfaces.
the queryDispatch has URL as a parameter.
The scheme of this URL seems to resemble the help-url attribute in the xdl
The code in the queryDispatch():
if ( aURL.Protocol.compareTo("org.openoffice.demo.optionspagedemo:") == 0 )
            if ( aURL.Path.compareTo("insertMsg") == 0 )
                return this;
        return null;

this seems to search for a help-url :

but, i couldn't locate this url in the xdl file.
so, my initial assumption that help-url = url in queryDispach() must be

Also, what is Dispatch? I don't seem the understand that term.

Also the dispatch() in XDispatch in this example seems to add the text from
the message box which was stored in registry using the HandlerImpl class to
a text document.
Is that right?

Now speaking of the handlerImpl class:
in the callHandlerMethod()
this line:
needs some explanation. Where is "external_event" defined? Also, in the
openoffice dialog editor, when i right click an dialog object, I see a menu
to link the event on the object to a component.

the listed events don't seem to have "external_event". So, what action  by
user triggers "external_event".
This handlerImpl class saves/loads the option data entered by user to
openoffice registry.


On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 12:55 PM, J├╝rgen Schmidt <>wrote:

> On 7/18/13 8:40 PM, Rajath Shashidhara wrote:
> > Hello Jurgen
> > Tomorrow I wont be able to repsond to your mails quickly.
> > I'll not be there at my home.
> > But I'll make up for tomorrow day after tomorrow.
> >
> > One thing I'm not able to understand is why will there be different
> > usernames and passwords for differnent urls?
> well, for security reason it is always better to use not the same
> username and password for different services or accounts.
> > The UI will be a list table of url schemes and usernames. with three
> > buttons add, edit , delete.
> > Is that ok?
> sure, I will be not available for 5 days as well because I have to move
> in anew flat.
> Juergen

Rajath S,
M.Sc(Hons.) Physics,
Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani,

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