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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Structure of the CWiki?
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 13:29:55 GMT
We have the opportunity to restructure the pages on our CWiki.    When
looking over the current structure it looks like we've been taking two
entirely different approaches to organizing the information:

1) A team-oriented approach, where at the top organizational level
there are parent pages for each team, dev, qa, doc, l10n., etc.

2) A release-oriented approach, where the top level is a specific
release, like AOO 3.4.1 or 4.0, and subpages are used for status and
plans for functional groups.

These two approaches look like they are both being used, but not consistently.

I wonder if would be worth being more consistent, and doing something like:

1) Have a top-level page for each functional group, for tracking
release-independent information, e.g., links to useful other pages,
lists of volunteers, "how to" information.  The stuff that does not
change from release to release.  It is information about the team and
what they do, not information about tasks for a specific release.

2) Then have top-level release-specific pages, where we store plans
and status reports, dashboards, etc., associated with a release.

I think this is not so far from what the CWiki was evolving toward.


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