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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Release communications -- plans
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 13:45:18 GMT
The Release Notes are starting to look very nice.  It is worth
reviewing if you have not looked recently:

This is the primary statement of what is in the release.  The
introductory sections are general enough that this page can be used as
a self-contained announcement message. It doesn't require additional

However, we will have additional announcement statements.

1) There will be a press release.  This repeats a subset of the
contents of the release nots, but it the format and style that is
expected in a press release.  Don Harbison took the lead on drafting

2) We should also have a brief blog post.  Maybe only a paragraph or
two and then a link to the Release Notes.  I don't want to spend too
much time on the blog post since I am almost certain the blog will
crash under load.  For that reason I'd recommend that we don't promote
the blog page via social media, etc.,   Promote the Release Notes

In the past we've translated the blog post.  But in this case I'd
recommend we focus on translating the Release Notes.

3) A brief announcement to our mailing lists, including the 9000
subscribers of our announcement mailing list.  Again, linking back to
the Release Notes.

4) Posts to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.  This is something where
everyone can help spread the news, by sharing, +1'ing,  RT'ing,. etc.



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