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Subject review canceled: [Bug 121754] Build HSQLDB with JDK 7 : [Attachment 81042] remove the failiing part
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:29:16 GMT
Andrea Pescetti <> has canceled Regina Henschel
<>'s request for review:
Bug 121754: Build HSQLDB with JDK 7

Attachment 81042: remove the failiing part

------- Additional Comments from Andrea Pescetti <>
Status: this new patch removes all ^M characters (line-ends problems) and only
keeps the code differences, thus removing readme and HTML files. If you examine
the options given to diff, you'll see that I had to fiddle with line-ends due
to the fact that the two versions have different line-end conventions. So the
patch was not mixing line-ends per se, it was a diff between files with
different line-ends conventions.

Tested like the other time: hsqldb module built successfully under Java 6 and 7
(Linux). Regina, thanks for your feedback and if you now can build on Windows
too then this should be fine.

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