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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss}{Release Notes 4.0.0]
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 22:35:27 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 3:21 PM, Keith N. McKenna
> <> wrote:
>> Given the negative press we have received in some quarters about having
>> dropped language translations, would it make sense to add a notice in the
>> Release Notes for 4.0.0 about languages that were available for 3.4.x but
>> not available for 4.0.0.
> Negative press? Do you have a link?

Was remembering a conversation from this list awhile back, mostly 
rumblings from the blogs.  Unfortunately a quick search of the archive 
wasn't able to uncover anything. May be just my memory is getting faulty 
with age.
> Remember, we didn't drop anything.  For example, we had released no
> translation of French 4.0 last week, because 4.0 was not done.   Now
> that 4.0 is done and the translation is done, we can release both.
> Does that mean we dropped French last week?  No it just means it was
> not ready to release yet.

Rob I know we didn't drop anything and most of our users will know it 
also; however when we due a major release that does not include 
languages that where there before it will be noticed and commented on. 
The purpose of this post was not to rehash the minutia, but to solicit 
informed opinion as to whether an preemptive entry in the languages 
section of the release notes could help ward off some support requests 
and to give the people doing the support a place to point concerned 
people to.

> When the same conditions are met for other languages, we release them
> as well.  So we're not dropping anything.  We're merely releasing the
> translations that are done now rather than waiting longer for the ones
> that are still in progress.
> We did the exact same thing before with AOO 3.4.1.
>> My personal feeling is that it would be good since it would give us a place
>> to direct user with support questions to for a definitive statement, but I
>> also recognize how controversial this topic can be.
> I added a statement to the release notes explaining that more
> translations are coming and telling how interested parties can
> volunteer to help.  Is that good enough?

Whether it is good enough is not for me to decide but it does accomplish 
the intent of the initial question.

> -Rob
>> Regards
>> Keith
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