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From Emanuele <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Writer 4.0.0 crashes, Writer 3.4.1 works correctly
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 13:31:14 GMT
Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> (removing useless lists from recipients)
> On 28/07/2013 Robert Hupp wrote:
>> OpenOffice Writer 4.0.0 crashes, Writer 3.4.1 works correctly
>> yesterday I installed OpenOffice 4.0.0 retaining 3.4.1. Copying a wiki
>> article OpenOffice Writer 4.0.0 crashed consistently. Example: The
>> crashing point lies within the highlighted area (text made with Writer
>> 3.4.1 and copied to Thunderbird), between Français
>> and Links bearbeiten
>> :
> I cannot crash OpenOffice 4 by copying and pasting text from
> (either the portion you described or the whole page). Maybe you need
> to give some more details. Also check if CTRL-Shift-V (Paste Special,
> Unformatted) works.

Win 7.
AOO 4.0 German and Italian.
Just installed.
Profile migrated from 3.4 (I think, I was not exactly sure of what I
Internet Explorer 10 and Opera 11.something.
Empty document.

Copied the text in the side bar of the page
Starting from "In anderen Sprachen" to "Links bearbeiten" (included).

Pasted from the menu and with ctrl+v => crash.

Trying with smaller chunks, the problematic text seems to be: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
(the one before Polski).
Copy & pasting that piece is enough to crash AOO 4.0 Writer or Impress,
while Calc works fine if pasting not in "edit mode" (i.e. not pasting in
the formula bar, pasting in the bar results in a crash as well).


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