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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: preparation for AOO 4.0.1
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2013 16:06:41 GMT
On 8/13/13 5:55 PM, Yuri Dario wrote:
> Hi,
>> I noticed that Yuri checked in some code on the branch already. Can we
>> please follow some guideline how we handle such release branches?
>> Changes on a release branch should be discussed before and should be in
>> relation to a proposed and approved fix (if you want showstopper) that
>> will go in the next release.
> sorry, but maybe I'm not understanding something; why do AOO400 (which
> is a branch) fixes going into next release (AOO401) require another 
> branch?
> I committed to AOO400 because I supposed that newer (minor) releases 
> were going into this branch, not into a different one.
> And I don't undestand at all why branching again for 401, while we can
> just use tagging to monitor minor bugfixes releases from AOO400 
> branch.

we simply preserve the release branch. A branch is cheap in svn and we
can easier differentiate where the fixes should go.

> I understand that a 4.1 release will incorporate new code while we can
> still produce 4.0.2 on the older branch, so branching for 4.1 makes 
> more sense.

well we can of course discuss this further but because the fact that
branches are cheap we can also use this scheme.

> with this branching tecnique, a bugfix must be sideported to every 
> active branch, e.g. trunk, AOO401, AOO410 (maybe more in the future).

why? We don't have a 4.1 branch and fixes only have to be merged in a
branch if they are accepted showstopper. Now with the new branch nobody
should work on the AOO400 branch. The branch is dead for further

Work towards 4.1 should happen on trunk. Major features should be done
on a separate branch anyway.

> If I missed some guideline doc on the wiki please excuse me.

No you don't miss any guideline and again we can discuss it. But it
change nothing. Either AOO400 or AOO401 in both cases you should
integrate only code that are related to an existing issue which is
proposed and accepted as showstopper.


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