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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Sidebar for Developers
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 11:56:27 GMT
On 10.10.2013 13:28, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
>> From: Andre Fischer []
>> I did not provide one on purpose because it does not work.  If you
>> really want to use BASIC to implement the panel then you have
>> to fix the
>> callback/dialog reference issues.
> Sorry, I do not understand the situation.
>  From the beginning I talked only about a *Basic* extension.
> *Is it true that I can not use the sidebar using Basic Extension?* Or do I
> understand this wrong?

As far as I understand our variant of BASIC it is not possible to create 
a BASIC-only extension.  Therefore my idea was to create a Java-BASIC 
hybrid where the generic boilerplate code (factory, registration of 
services, etc) is written in Java and only the implementation of the 
actual panel is provided in BASIC.  But this does not seem to work 
either.  But maybe only my knowledge of OpenOffice BASIC is not good enough.

The Java-only solution that DOES work can probably be easily adopted to 
other languages with proper UNO binding.

>> But if you or anybody else want to give Java a try, I made
>> another demo
>> [2] and implemented a similar search dialog completely in
>> Java.  Most of
>> that demo extension is generic code that does not have to be modified
>> for a real-life extension.  Any other language with complete
>> UNO binding
>> (like Python) should work very similar.
>> Look into its README file for an explanation of the
>> individual files and
>> pointers of what to change if you want to implement your own panels.
>> Here is how to import that ZIP file into Eclipse:
>> - Start a generic or Java-centric Eclipse
>> - Click menu entry File->Import...
>> In the 'Import' dialog
>>     - Select 'General->Existing Projects into Workspace'
>>     - Click 'Next >'
>>     - Select 'Select archive file:'
>>     - Click 'Browse...' and load the downloaded
>>     - Click 'Finish'
>> A new entry should appear in the 'Package Explorer' (by
>> default on the
>> left side) labeld 'SidebarSearchDemo'.
>> - Locate the 'Ant' view.  If it is not open then
>>     - Click Window->Show View->Ant
>> - Drag-and-drop the 'SidebarSearchDemo' entry from the 'Package
>> Explorer' to the 'Ant' view.
>> - Expand the new 'SidebarSearchDemoOXT' entry in the 'Ant' view.
>> - Double click on the 'oxt [default]' entry.
>>     This will build both the JAR and the OXT file.
>> - In OpenOffice open the extension manager and add the newly built
>>     SidebarSearchDemo.oxt.  It doesn't matter if one is already
>>     installed, it will be overwritten.
>> - Restart OpenOffice
>> Repeat the last step three steps (from double click on 'oxt'
>> to restart)
>> whenever you made changes and want to test them.
> Thank you for this work, not only helps me, because I understand neither Java nor
> Eclipse

I am sorry to hear that.  Maybe this is a good oportunity to learn Java :-)


> Greetings,
> Jörg
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