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From Herbert Dürr <>
Subject Re: AOO Security Features without Mozilla
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:22:00 GMT
On 22.10.2013 13:46, janI wrote:
> On 22 October 2013 13:30, Herbert Dürr <> wrote:
>> [...]
>> Since issue 91209 the mozilla address books were disabled on Mac
>> altogether anyway, so on Mac we could rid AOO of its heavy Seamonkey
>> dependency really soon without removing any features by using NSS instead
>> of bundling a large set of Seamonkey libraries.
>> On the other platforms a very high percentage of our user base wouldn't
>> notice any missing features if the Mozilla address book support was removed
>> there too.
> I have no problem with that, since it makes our product lighter and
> simpler. But for this I think we need user opinions.

Yes, whether we build our next release with the --enable-mozab-module 
option or without it is open for discussion. Now if there were 
volunteers that implemented extensions for mapping mork/ldap/wab address 
books to AOO's SDBC API then the whole mozab module would be superfluous 
anyway and the discussion would have only one reasonable result.

> [...]
>> For the mozilla address books I plan to add the option
>>          --enable-mozab-module
>> to replace the then way too broadly named option
>>          --enable-mozilla
> Just to be sure, you will not add the option, but rename the other option,
> so we only have --enable-mozab-module ?

Up to now the enable-mozilla option was for enabling security and the 
mozilla address book. With the rework only the "mozab" aspect would 
remain and so the option should be renamed to be more concise.

>> Until the replacements outlined above have been developed this new option
>> will allow bundling of the old Seamonkey binaries for users that depend on
>> its address book support.
> please keep the number of new options and changes in configure as low as
> possible, that helps me :-)

I intend to keep it as simple and concise as possible.

> Its a good initative, which I highly support, and once you have integrated
> it into trunk I will update my branches.


> Actually the rejuvenate branch seems to be a bigger candidate for
> conflicting changes, but we will take that when its ready.

Yes, working on and improving the rejuvenate branch is very important. 
The security-enabling branch removemoz is a prerequisite though as the 
old seamonkey is not nearly ready to be compiled on modern platforms. 
Investing energy in resurrecting the obsolete version or replacing it 
with a more modern version would be a waste of time, especially when 
there is a way for us to kill this incredibly heavy dependency for good.


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