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From Herbert Dürr <>
Subject Re: AOO Security Features without Mozilla
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 14:15:14 GMT
On 22.10.2013 14:22, Herbert Dürr wrote:
> On 22.10.2013 13:46, janI wrote:
>> On 22 October 2013 13:30, Herbert Dürr <> wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> Since issue 91209 the mozilla address books were disabled on Mac
>>> altogether anyway, so on Mac we could rid AOO of its heavy Seamonkey
>>> dependency really soon without removing any features by using NSS
>>> instead
>>> of bundling a large set of Seamonkey libraries.
>>> On the other platforms a very high percentage of our user base wouldn't
>>> notice any missing features if the Mozilla address book support was
>>> removed
>>> there too.
>> I have no problem with that, since it makes our product lighter and
>> simpler. But for this I think we need user opinions.
> Yes, whether we build our next release with the --enable-mozab-module
> option or without it is open for discussion. Now if there were
> volunteers that implemented extensions for mapping mork/ldap/wab address
> books to AOO's SDBC API then the whole mozab module would be superfluous
> anyway and the discussion would have only one reasonable result.

A small status update regarding the state of the existing mozilla 
address book integration: Non-anonymous LDAP address books was out of 
order [1] since 2008, the windows address book didn't work since 2006 if 
it contained any distribution list [2] and was broken on all now 
supported Microsoft operating systems [3] since at least 2008.


This is an interesting reality check and I'm afraid the project lost 
users that depended on that functionality long ago. On the other hand 
these facts enable us to kick this non-functioning and unmaintainable 
crap out without a serious negative impact.

With these new insights I suggest to remove both the enable-mozilla and 
its eventual replacement enable-mozab-module before losing much more 
time on that topic. The sooner the better.


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