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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: AOO Security Features without Mozilla
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 12:38:34 GMT
On 10/23/13 2:05 PM, janI wrote:
> On 23 October 2013 13:57, Herbert Duerr <> wrote:
>> Hi Pedro,
>>  Really nice to see nss being split soon. I hope we can use an external
>>> nss too as the one we include internally is somewhat outdated and
>>> potentially insecure.
>> Absolutely. For the same reason the internal NSS should be updated. Would
>> you be interested in doing it? You did a great job of updating some other
>> AOO-external libs.
> When / if we do this update, should we not do like other packages do, have
> the lib as a preinstallation requirement, and not something we download ?
> I have had pretty the same thought for all external libs (ext_libraries)
> and to a part also (ext_sources).
> But maybe I am completely wrong.

one reason is that we support a well defined baseline and this requires
that we ensure that the libraries are available and comes with the
office. Otherwise our Linux builds wouldn't run on most of the Linux
systems. Ideally the Linux distros would of course build our source
against their system libs.

More difficult is it on Windows and Macs.

>From a user perspective our users want to install the office and nothing
else. Ok on Linux we can define the external libs as dependency and they
will install automatically as normal in the Linux world but again it is
not so easy possible on Windows and Mac.

And think about the trend to app stores ...


> rgds
> jan I.
>>  While on the subject of replacing mozilla addressbook, just thought I'd
>>> remind about the analysis done by Andre while we were working on IP
>>> clearance [1].
>>> Back then I also found the Mulberry vCard library [2] that is under an
>>> Apache License. Interfacing it with AOO is a completely different
>>> matter though :-(.
>> Thanks for the link to mulberry. But as can seen in the scripts [2][3]
>> linked to in my original mail, accessing the interesting address sources is
>> by far the least problem. Delivering this info properly into AOO is much
>> more work.
>> [2] https://bug241438.bugzilla.****
>> 175024&action=view<>
>> [3]**questions/11538550/retrieving-**
>> outlook-contacts-via-python<>
>> Herbert
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