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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Extensions
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2013 07:48:40 GMT
On 10/25/13 1:25 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Vladislav Stevanovic wrote:
>> We had in Serbia simmilar problem with one of the most-frequently-used
>> extension in Serbian. Thanks for Jörg Schmidt he made version for AOO
>> 4.0,
>> but we have still some problems here, because old version of this
>> extension
>> is still visible on AOO Extension site! It is silent message for all:
>> this
>> is not working on AOO, but here is on our site.
> Indeed, we must do something about this. PDF Import is another excellent
> example: people do not read that the 4.0-compatible version is available
> as a different extension and keep complaining and believing that a
> 4.0-compatible version does not exist... this creates confusion,
> misunderstandings and a huge waste of time for support.

we can simply define a rule that unmaintained extension will be removed
when the owner doesn't reply on mail requests.

That means we can send a mail to the owner and if he doesn't reply at
all or is not willing to add these information, we remove the extensions

It can be quite simple


>> 1) Administrators must have create the rule: extensions on AOO site
>> "Extension" must declared as appropriate or non-appropriate for AOO4.0.
> This is already there. There's compatibility information for all
> releases. And we even have a wiki page
> with examples and information.
>> 2) In future we must made restriction for those extensions on our site
> I don't get what you would restrict. Do you mean that you would "hide"
> all extensions that are not compatible with 4.0? I think they can
> stay... Maybe it is possible to add a warning to the extensions that do
> not have releases explicitly compatible with 4.0?
>> 3) There is some the most frequently used extensions. What we can do to
>> ensure that this extension works in AOO 4.0? Can we invited authors of
>> this
>> extensions to made version for AOO4.0? Can we create some fork, if it is
>> totaly legal (for example, for extensions where authors of extensions do
>> not want to make corrections for AOO 4.0 and when licence permit forks?
> This is complex and I don't know what is best to do. For sure PDF
> Import, the most popular extension, the source code for which is in the
> OpenOffice sources, is unmaintained and "forked" (meaning: Ariel
> provided a working replacement that is compatible with 4.0), but the
> replacement is shadowed by the original extension. Same for the MySQL
> Connector. For those two extensions I would suggest to plug in Ariel's
> replacements as updates to the original extension, to give them proper
> visibility.
> But these two extensions are very special cases. In general, "forking"
> will be a mess since it will duplicate extensions and the original one
> will still be more visible and outdated. "Transfer of ownership"
> (meaning: the author has no interest or time to update the extension,
> but at least he is available to transfer the ownership of the extension
> on the Extensions site to another user who is volunteering to create a
> 4.0-compatible version) would work best.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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