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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject rules for the use of the name Apache OpenOffice
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2013 10:28:02 GMT

I have been a member for Apache, but a few days before the PMC committer privileges offered
me, and I see myself in the obligation *to respect* the rules of Apache.
*And I will respect* the rules of Apache.

But what are the rules? What do I need, what we all need to write?

"Apache OpenOffice™"

or only:

"Apache OpenOffice"

And Why?

Please note :
it would seem to me wrong to write in

" ... Note : Our official name is now Apache OpenOffice™."

but in practice do the opposite.

Rules are good, but rules must be clear, so if we want to, we only use "Apache OpenOffice",
then this should be so in the rules.

I think rules are important, and rules must be clear and must be the same for all, but what
are the rules here *exactly*?

Please also understand my experiences:

Personally, I have, on a petition which reached me, wrote to several German companies and
noted that they can register in our list (
) .

I have also helped some companies there, and have kept to the clear rules that Apache has
set for it, such as the clear statement:

" ... Note: Our official name is now Apache OpenOffice™."

Similarly, we were at the PrOOo box, prompted by the OpenOffice PMC to be marked accordingly
on the PrOOo box: 

"Provide an explicit trademark attribution in the footer. Something 
like: "Apache, the Apache feather logo, and OpenOffice are trademarks of 
The Apache Software Foundation. and the seagull logo are 
registered trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation"

Is it _just an option_ to do that? I think not, because _I think it must be done so_.


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