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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: I'm ready to give up on Open Office
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2013 15:37:36 GMT
On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 6:25 AM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
> My simplest recomendation is to keep a stable and a 'bleeding edge'
> version. That way you can use a stable for really long, complex
> documents and a bleeding edge for simpler documents.

This is reasonable advice in general.  This might make sense if a user
was reporting a known issue, like slow saving of Excel files in AOO
4.0.0.  But when they are reporting truly bizarre and severe issues
that no one else is reporting, then they would probably benefit from
some troubleshooting on the forums.   For example, a clear reinstall
might be a good first step.


> I did something like that for my browsers as well as having different
> flavors. Event today I keep Caligra, AbiWord and AOO Writer for
> handling my documents.
> The freedom of free software allows you to expand the offering.
> Currently I look at abiword and gnumerics and they have evolved from
> the last time I used them. Also 3.2 which was rock
> solid was a very good alternative still available.
> If you think about it, Microsoft has a 3 years cycle for MSO, so in
> theory you will be doing the same waiting on MSO 2015/6.
> has a 6/8 month cycle and major releases.
> Saying all that, I would also invite you to participate on our QA
> efforts generating good bug reports so we can isolate these bugs, more
> information at
> On 10/5/13, Bob Lee <> wrote:
>> I've been using Open Office for my personal use for years.  Ever since
>> "upgrading" to 4.0, I've been having more problems with the program
>> randomly crashing than all of the years before.  And each time it crashes,
>> I have to rebuild half the data and all of the formatting because the
>> recovery function is an absolute joke.
>> I've tried using Libre Office, but I don't like how they handled certain
>> functions.  I've just upgraded to OO 4.01, but the next time this damn
>> thing crashed I'm uninstalling it and I'll find something else to use, even
>> if that means having to shell out money for MSOffice.
>> Its just so sad to see what this once great open source product has become.
>> Bob Lee
>> Merrimack, NH
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> Alexandro Colorado
> Apache OpenOffice Contributor
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