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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Improvements of OUString
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 08:13:17 GMT
A developer who apparently wants to remain anonymous has added the 
function isEmpty() to the rtl::OUString class.  See 
main/sal/inc/rtl/ustring.hxx for not much more information.

This in itself may not yet be very exciting but I hope that it is the 
first of several improvements to one of our most frequently used 
classes.  Sadly, we missed the opportunity to make some more substantial 
but incompatible changes for the 4.0 release. However, some changes that 
make OUString more accessible to new (and old) developers might include:

- Make construction from string literal more straightforward.  At the 
moment you have to write
     ::rtl::OUString("text", sizeof("text"), RTL_TEXTENCODING_ASCII_US)
   or slightly shorter and safer

- Conversion back to char* is not much better
   and I have no idea what happens if the text encoding differs from the 
one used to construct sOUStringVariable.

Do you have more ideas?


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