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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: 80 million downloads
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2013 15:55:41 GMT
On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 10:49 AM, Hagar Delest <> wrote:
> Le 01/12/2013 16:38, Rob Weir a écrit :
>> I think you are confusing the perceptions within the echo-chamber of
>> open source insiders with the reality in the real world.
> But can't we use this echo-chamber too?

I don't see the value.  Remember, for all the FUD, for all the
LO-promoted press, for all the noise and negative campaigning against
AOO, LO could not even keep the founding company and primary sponsor,
Suse, from dropping their support of LibreOffice and reassigning their
developers who worked on LibreOffice.  And again, look at the actual
data, the downloads and the brand perception surveys.  The LO FUD
might be personally offensive and disturbing to you.  But it has not
been effective.  That's why I think a thick skin is needed to do
marketing.  You need to look at data more than feelings.   If download
numbers were declining then I'd feel bad.  If brand perception was
declining then I'd feel bad.  But biased press articles inside the
open source echo-chamber?  Who cares?  Dogs bark as well.  I try not
to take it personally and focus instead on reality.



> But ok, that's to be discussed in the proposed discussion by Louis.
> Hagar
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