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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: FOSDEM 2014: Draft call for talks, funding proposal
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 22:31:07 GMT
On 27/11/2013 Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> I would like to prefer to concentrate my time on the development. Thus,
> please can somebody take over responsibility here.

So let's see where we are on this topic, since invitations are being 
sent in these days to the accepted speakers. I won't ask for personal 
reimbursements, so I can take care of the process if we don't have other 
volunteers (if we do have volunteers, please speak up!).

> The process should be something like
> - We need to agree on how much money we want to spend
> - We need to agree on the conditions that need to be meant to recieve
> funding
> - We need to agree on the granting/selection process

I think this was already covered at the beginning of this thread and got 
consensus. Tersely, this was "a flat reimbursement of 200 Euros for 
accepted speakers who ask for it". But we need more detail to know how 
to apply it. So in detail, I would say this means:

1) Total budget: 1000 EUR (5 people) will be enough.

2) Conditions to be eligible for funding (all must be verified):
2a) Be an accepted speaker for the Open Document Editors devroom at 
2b) Present a talk concerning OpenOffice (this is kind of obvious, but 
the devroom will host talks about several products)
2c) Not have alternate sources of funding
2d) Apply for funding on the dev list, stating the amount one wish to 
have reimbursed (up to 200 EUR, but less if one spends less; eligible 
expenses are travel + hotels; if expenses are still unknown, I suggest 
applying for 200 EUR and then the reimbursement will be done according 
to the actual expenses)
2e) Be actually present in person at FOSDEM to deliver the talks, or we 
won't give the reimbursement even if accepted.
2f) If requested by the treasurer, present copies of the relevant invoices.

3) Granting/selection process: we won't receive more than 5 
applications, and probably less than that. If we receive more, or if we 
receive applications that need discussion, the PMC will decide and make 
its decision criteria and results public.

> - We need to clarify the payment details with <>

OK, so I will be doing this unless someone else is available to talk to 
the treasurer and take care of discussing with him.


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