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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: FOSDEM 2014: Draft call for talks, funding proposal
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2014 11:31:34 GMT
jan i wrote:
> On 3 January 2014 23:31, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> 2c) Not have alternate sources of funding
> I agree, but that needs to be more precise, otherwise "alternate sources"
> include my bank account.

Well, it means: if someone else is paying for your travel and hotel 
expenses, the project won't reimburse you; if money is coming out of 
your pocket (or bank account, or credit card, or debit card... do not 
take this too literally), you are eligible. So it's "funding" as 
"someone else paying for your expenses".

>> 2d) Apply for funding on the dev list, stating the amount one wish to have
>> reimbursed (up to 200 EUR, but less if one spends less; eligible expenses
>> are travel + hotels; if expenses are still unknown, I suggest applying for
>> 200 EUR and then the reimbursement will be done according to the actual
>> expenses)
> It might be a matter of wording, but this is not "flat imbursement", that
> is "max. imbursement".
> I agree we need control, but its either "flat" == fixed or against
> expenses. The lazy consensus was for flat reimbursement.

"Flat" means 200 EUR, "reimbursement" means that you actually spent 
them. So, drop 2d and the related complexity. But I think that the 
Apache treasurer will want to see the tickets/invoices/receipts in any 
case. So keep in mind that, if the treasurer believes that he is 
"reimbursing" an amount that exceeds the actual expenses, he may reduce 
it and just ensure that all the speaker's expenses are covered. In your 
case (double room in hotel), I expect that the hotel costs will simply 
be divided by two in the treasurer's calculations.

>> 2f) If requested by the treasurer, present copies of the relevant invoices.
> See topic on flat reimbursement.

For transparency, we will need to have tickets/invoices/receipts 
available. If in your case these apply to both you and your wife, you 
don't need special provisions: the treasurer will take care of that.

> I think its important that we apply a 4 eye principle, meaning those that
> get reimbursement cannot be the contact to the treasurer, that way there
> can be no dispute about misuse (which I understand have earlier been the
> case).

There has never been misuse of funds. And there has never been the doubt 
that the project misused funds. The check about respecting the ASF's 
charity status is about applying Apache's internal rules and ensuring, 
for example, that reimbursements are not misused as concealed payments 
(if we "reimbursed" 10,000 EUR or 10,000$ to someone to go to FOSDEM, 
this would be problematic since it is a clearly excessive amount of 
money compared to the average expenses). In our case we are just giving 
a contribution toward expenses (like we did in the one other occasion, 
ApacheCon 2012, for a couple speakers coming from outside Europe), so 
there is no dispute about possible misuse.


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