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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: AOO is now also available as GIT (READ-ONLY).
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 16:03:14 GMT

On 19.12.2013 03:22, Herbert Duerr wrote:
> On 18.12.2013 18:38, jan i wrote:
>> Infra-5590 has now been solved, thanks to an effort from jfarrell:
>> <jfarrell> 16:11:32> janIV: christmas gift for you. took a little over a
>> week to wrap, had to use duct tape along the way. git ls-remote git://
>> Please have a look at our new READ-ONLY git mirror.
> That's great news, thanks! Kudos to Jake. Having a reference 
> git-repository will allow us to do some nifty things:
> I'll prepare some git-packs with pre-AOO history from its older 
> Mercurial, Subversion and maybe even from its CVS-based open-source 
> ancestors. Using git's "graft" facilities this will make it much 
> easier to research the history of parts of the codebase where noone is 
> left to tell the story or its details. Having the individual commit 
> comments and their issue numbers is invaluable then.
> Is there a gitweb or similar frontend to our git-mirror? Then we could 
> e.g. provide a link from the nightly builds to their respective 
> version history.
> As expected in my JIRA-request the two-level deep svn-branches (i.e. 
> alg/aw080 and alg/sysdepgs) have been munged into one git-branch...

These are my branches and I am concerned, these contain quite some work. 
I think that adding some more strutcture as I did by adding my branches 
to an own directory is in general not a bad thing, so if this could be 
made to work with the git mirror somehow easily, this would be the 
easiest way for now.
The alternative would be to somehow 'move' these branches, e.g.

branches/alg/aw080 -> branches/alg_aw080
branches/alg/sysdepgs -> branches/alg_sysdepgs

If it is intended to have a flat hierarchy in the branches subdirectory 
I will try to do so and I am open to suggestions how to do that without 
immense new amounts of commits and similar stuff. I currently see no 
easy way to do this with svn, but maybe some experts could help with 
suggestions here.

Thanks for the git clone!
Looking forward to suggestions..

> Also the symphony branch is missing because it was checked into svn at 
> a non-canonic location so the git-mirror couldn't pick it up.
>> Once everybody is happy, we can consider moving fully to GIT, I will
>> however recommend to it imidiatly after next release.
> I'll have to adjust the svn2bz bot, we'll have to adjust the buildbots 
> and there are some other scripts that have to be updated before we can 
> think about a full switch.
> But I look forward to git's proper author attributions, interactive 
> rebasing, intact individual commits after merges, nice cherry-picks, etc.
> Herbert
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