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From Tyler Kavanaugh <>
Subject Build Fails In Module "Coinmp" (was: Re: Problems at the Beginning of the Windows Build)
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 16:39:49 GMT
I was able to start the build using Herbert's suggestion, and everything 
seemed to be going well all the way until the build system tried to 
build the modules coinmp, python, and sal. At that point, it failed. 
I've got a build log I can submit, if anyone wants to see it. I also 
tried building the individual module "sal," by running:

build --from sal -P2 -- -P2

and ended up getting some sort of undefined symbol error coming from the 
STL headers, as far as I could tell.


On 1/9/2014 12:34 AM, Herbert Duerr wrote:
> On 01/09/2014 01:28 AM, Tyler Kavanaugh wrote:
>> I've just finished configuring and bootstrapping the Windows build of
>> OpenOffice (from the head revision on trunk). I changed to
>> aoo/main/instsetoo_native, and ran:
>> build -P2 -- -P2
> Also use the --all option, so that all dependencies of this final module
> are processed first, i.e. run
> 	build --all -P2 -- -P2
>> [...] The first time I tried to do the build, about
>> an hour or so ago, I got errors relating to the use of carriage
>> return/newline (\r\n) pairs, with Perl complaining that '\r' wasn't a
>> valid command. (Keep in mind that my initial checkout was done using
>> TortoiseSVN and not Cygwin). So I clobbered the whole checkout, redid it
>> with the Cygwin svn client, then reconfigured and bootstrapped again. I
>> remembered to source the file--did that prior to the call
>> to ./bootstrap.
> Apparently cygwin's Subversion and Tortoise use different defaults for
> files without a svn:eol-style property (or with svn:eol-style=native).
> Keeping files as they are checked in when that property hasn't been set
> seems to be the default for cygwin's svn. Can Tortoise be configured to
> behave similarly?
> Herbert
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