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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Suggested modifications to Open Office Draw
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 13:47:23 GMT
     Hi Ian,

thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. Some are pretty 
interesting. Comments inline...

On 15.01.2014 20:27, Ian Symons wrote:
> Ian
> Symons
> 15
> Jan 2014
> RE:
> Suggested modifications to Open Office Draw
> Hello,
> The
> following suggestions generally have work around solutions, however
> performing such is a real pain when these are common actions.
> 1.
> Re
> the ruler on the left side, please orientate the numbers
> horizontally.
> The
> vertical numbering blends together and is unreadable.

I have not seen it blend togethter, but I agree that these would be less 
irritating when done horizontally.

> 2.
> Re
> Snap Lines, Snap Points and Grid
> a.
> It
> is a common error that when positioning lines and shapes that the
> Snap Line or Snap Point is accidentally moved slightly.
> This
> is often not noticed immediately.
> Please
> provide an option to lock these Snaps into their set position.

Doy you talk about
- objects that get placed or
- objects which help positioning (HelpLines, Grid, edges of existing 
objects, ...)
here? If you have cases where there is a misplacement in snapping, 
please provide a reproducable example, this would be an error. Please 
note that snapping can be influenced while in action by pressing 
qualifiers (shift, ctrl, tab) and by changing snap features (see 
view/toolbars/options in draw).
Note that you can create helplines with start to drag on the rulers, 
they even have an UI for setting them to precise positions.

> b.
> It
> would also be nice when dragging such Snaps that the X-Y co-ordinates
> are displayed during the dragging,

This is in the last line of the app at the left; a text and measurements 
dependent of the type of action is displayed.
The idea to keep this after MouseUp for a defined time is nice, 
especially since the reason is very good.
> and displayed for say 1 second
> after the mouse button is released.
> It
> provides confirmation to the user that the setting was not altered
> upon releasing the mouse button.
> c.
> It
> would be very good if the Snaps could be grouped with an object and:

I do not understand if "Snaps" are the graphic objects or snap helper 
pobjects; of course graphic objects can be grouped.

> d.
> that
> upon copying and pasting onto another page that those Snaps are also
> retained (the position would be relative to where you placed the
> group on the page).

Also not clear. The grid on the destinatopnmay be defined dofferent, do 
you want that to be changed when pasting?

> e.
> I
> do not know if there is already a way to do this, but it would be a
> big help if when dragging Snaps that they would snap to the selected
> grid.

They do depending on the settings

> f.
> And
> I do not see any way to specify the grid divisions.
> Again,
> this would be a help.

See tools/options/draw/grid
> 3.
> Please
> provide a line circular arc tool that lets you:
> a. Specify the origin
> (point of rotation)
> b. Specify the radius
> c. Specify the arc
> begin angle
> d. Specify the arc end
> angle
> e. Allows an option to
> close the curve at the origin to create a segment

In the drawing toolbar, use the rightmost dropdown from the toolbar 
itself, choose customize. Use "add", Seelct "drawing" left, add what you 
need. Best is to add "Ellipse", there are two, use the general one which 
adds another drop-down toolbox to the menu.

> 4.
> Please
> provide a line arc tool that lets you click on a line and convert it
> to a circular arc – the point would appear at the centre of the
> line and be dragged at a normal to the line
> So
> instead of Modify – To Curve you would also have Modify – To
> Circular Curve

You should be able to do that using the Points mode (see icon or press 
F8 in draw/impress) and using the bezier stuff.
> 5.
> Please
> provide an option to allow a line to be specified in two ways, shown
> on the one dialog box
> a. Origin, length and
> angle
> b. Begin point and end
> point

This is missing, only pos/size is available for the object, so if it's a 
line you can define the start/end point exactly.

> 6.
> It
> is a real major pain that intersecting lines cannot be selected and
> fragmented at their intersecting point(s).
> Please
> fix this.

Not possible with lines; would need to constuct filled objects including 
the lines, using substract and extract the results.
Good suggestion to offer that with lines directly.

> 7.
> Please
> make it easy to add onto a line by clicking onto a line, selecting an
> end point, then selecting a line tool (line, arc, polygon) and then
> just use that line tool to extend the original line.

You can add/remove/edit points using the edit points toolbar
> 8.
> Lastly,
> I know this is not intended to be a 3D Cad program.
> But
> a few features would help.
> a. Have the ability to
> group several shapes before rotation.

This is possible, group or just multi-select what you need

> b. When the 3D view
> comes up, have buttons to select the front, top, bottom and side
> views (a total of 6 views).
> c. This is a big one –
> some ability to edit 3D shapes

Yes, I would love to have 3D editing UI and capabilities. Help is needed 
here, as a start we would need someone with UI experience who makes 
suggestions. We would need some time and ressourecs for implementation. 
I would support this, but can not promise time for this.

BTW: you have seen the 3D effects dialog in the context menu of 3D 
scenes, have you?
And I hope you know that in AOO you can enter/leave 3D svened as you can 
with 2d Groups, so quite some editing is possible in 3D already, 
especially when you switch the view to non-perspective first (in the 
dialog again).

> Thanks
> everyone.
> Best
> regards,
> Ian

Ian, thanks and no worries :-)


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