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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Building on Mac
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:40:17 GMT
Yesterday I was trying to make a new build on OSX.  I have not used this 
platform for a while so I instead of updating my SVN repository, I 
cloned the new GIT repository.  That went as smooth as expected (thanks 
to everybody involved setting it up).  But my configure failed.  It 
complained that there was no xcode installed.  This is probably due to 
the transition from 32bit to 64 bit. The only information I found about 
what to do is a short notice regarding build requirements [1].  That 
brought me as far as asking me for my Apple Developer Id.  I have one, 
but not readily available, so I can not continue right now.

So, I have some questions:

1. Is it possible to build on OSX with only freely available tools (that 
don't require registration)?

2. Is there anybody with access to a Mac who is willing to extend the 
building guide to cover OSX?
    [2] and [3] describe in some detail how to build OpenOffice on 
Windows and Linux (in its Ubuntu flavor) but hardly a word on OSX.  Is 
there another page buried in our Wiki?

3. I remember that I also had to set up macports [4] for some frequently 
used shell commands (I think) but that is not mentioned anywhere in the 
building guide.  Is it not needed anymore?

I think that it is not enough that it is theoretically possible to build 
OpenOffice on Mac OSX.  It should also be documented in a public place 
so that everybody can do it.



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