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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Looking forward to 250 million users
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 16:02:04 GMT
So we reached the 85 million download mark.  Yea!  100 million will be
here soon.  Even if we never have another release we will reach 100
million sometime in the next few months.  It doesn't require much
effort.  Inertia will do it.  We have a solid application, translated
into many languages, available on all major operating systems.  We
have a popular brand name and user satisfaction as well.  100 million
will not require much effort at all.

So let's set a bigger target for ourselves.  How about 250 million, a
nice round number?   To get there will require more than just the
status quo.  It will require more than just repeating ourselves.

What kinds of things would we need to do to reach that kind of goal?

1. Additional translations, especially for large language communities
like Hindi, Malay, Telugu and Persian.

2. A leap forward in product quality and performance

3. Nailing Microsoft interoperability, across binary and XML formats

4. Working well out-of-the-box on all platforms, meaning code signing
on Windows and Mac and repository installs on Linux.

5.  Something extra, something unique.  We need to be more than just
gratis and libre.  There needs to be a reason to use OpenOffice even
if you already had Microsoft Office.

Any ideas?


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