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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Close, but not quite 100 million...
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 09:30:22 GMT

On 05.03.2014 20:47, Rob Weir wrote:
> If you look at the SourceForge page you'll see that shows 99.7 million
> downloads:
> But that number includes the downloads of Language Packs.  The more
> conservative number that we report on the blog has always been the
> number of full product downloads.  So if someone downloads AOO and
> also downloaded a Language Pack it would be counted as only a single
> download.
> The number of full-product downloads is around 95 million.  So we
> still have a little more to go before we pop the champagne.  Maybe
> around ApacheCon next month we'll hit 1 million.  Sooner if we count
> beta downloads, but I'd recommend against counting beta downloads.

Beta downloads should not be counted for the overall download statistic.

But, the number of Beta downloads will be quite interesting in order to 
assess the general interest in such Beta release is.

Best regards, Oliver.

> In any case, it is not too early to start thinking about what we want
> to do to publicize the 100 million number, when we do hit it.
> We'll do a blog post, of course.  It would be awesome if we could
> design a special "100,000,000 downloads" logo that we could use on the
> website.  Also, some better looking infographics would be nice.  You
> can see what I typically produce, rather bland charts more suitable
> for a scientific report:
> I'm sure someone with more design sense could make something much
> better with the data.   (and of course I can provide the updated data)
> Any other ideas?
> -Rob
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