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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject [Bug 124386] Improve Help for Version Selector
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 11:05:31 GMT
Members of our QA team requested a clarification of the "Version" field 
used in our bugzilla instance. There are other terms that could need 
some clarification too.

So before I request ASF-Infra to change our bugzilla installation by 
using the patch [1], I'd like to ask for lazy consensus to request this 
change in our bugzilla installation.


In particular the help text for "version" should be changed from
   "The version field defines the version of the software the bug was 
found in."
   "The oldest version of the software the bug can be found in.",

Also the help text for "assigned to" should be changed from
   "The person in charge of resolving the ${terms.bug}."
   "The person in charge of progressing the ${terms.bug}."
because we sometimes need more info, specific testing, etc. from others.

The help text for "operating system" should be changed from
   "The operating system the $terms.bug was observed on."
   "The operating systems the $terms.bug can be observed on."
because AOO problems are often impacting multiple platforms.

Since many entries in our bugzilla database are not about bugs, but 
about new features or enhancements I'd also like to use the term "issue" 
instead of "bug", when Bugzilla refers to such an entry.


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