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From Rainer Bielefeld <>
Subject Re: 4.1. Regressions
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 17:33:01 GMT

I think Bugzilla Help
<> tells it all.
There only is no common sense whether key word should be used also for 
very old regressions (regression in OOo 1.0.1 compared to OOo 1.0.0), 
from developer's point of view only regressions in AOO 3.4-dev and later 
are of interest.

Generally problems with newly integrated features can not be 
regressions. But if the code of a newly integrated feature damages an 
older function so that it does not work correctly since integration, 
that damage deserves key word "regression".

But I do not think that many regression key words will have to be added. 
The problem with the Bugs in the list is that at least one of following 
mistakes is in data for the Bugs:
* Version has been changed to 4.1 in error, example:
   (Bug 105492 - Text Orientation Degrees Entry Field
* It has not been tested with what Version the
   bug has appeared, example:
   (Bug 124259 - mathvariant="normal" is ignored on import of .mml file)

So far my personal thoughts, what are result of long co-working in open 
source projects,



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