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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Issues
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 21:46:26 GMT
Hi David,

David Beanblossom schrieb:
> I have been building a house and have spent way too much time generating
> spreadsheets lately since the project is winding down.  I have observed what
> I believe are defects in your calc program.

If they are indeed bugs, then you should report them to our Bugzilla But it is likely, that things work, but 
perhaps not in a way you expect. For that you should discuss the 
problems in the forum or on the 
users mailing list

  Such as:
> .         I haven't found a way to change the default fonts in Calc.  They
> are always Arial 10.  I have change the OpenOffice Writer to what I want,
> but not in Calc.

Change the font in the cell style "Default". To make the setting 
permanent, save the document as template and set this template as your 
default template.

> .         Spell check does not work in Calc although it tells you everything
> is OK and there is no misspelling.

Spellcheck works here. Make sure you have installed the dictionaries and 
your cell style has set the correct language.

> .         I have a file with multiple sheets.  In one file, sheet #2 shows
> data, but it is blank in page preview and will not print.  Yet the data is
> right in front of me.

Then you have set a print range somewhere. Delete all print ranges to 
get all used cells automatically or set print ranges for all cells you 
want to print.

> .         The header and footers drive me nuts.  I can't turn off the header
> "Sheet 1" nor the footer "Page 1".

They are enabled/disabled in the page style. Disable them in the page 
style "Default" and use such spreadsheet document as default template.

   I have to go into every sheet and delete
> them every time I open a spreadsheet.  If you can turn them off or make a
> default, your Help button doesn't know it.  And, if I do delete them and
> later want to add a header, I can't.  The header and footer are grayed out
> in "Edit" and cannot be added under "Insert".  What is the deal???

The item in the Edit menu is only for the content of header and footer. 
You have to enable/disable header/footer first in the page style.

> I will write more when I remember the other irritations of Calc.

You will find it less irritating, when you become more familiar with 
styles and templates. Do you know already the "Getting started" guide 
and the Calc tutorial?

Kind regards

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