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From Rainer Bielefeld <>
Subject Re: Beta Survey
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:05:40 GMT
Rob Weir schrieb:

> 1) What platform they ran with

> 2) What language they used
   German WIN, German, French, Wpanish, EN-US UI and Localization for
> 3) How many hours they have used AOO beta
   1 hour per day or so

> 4) Which apps did they use
   Writer, Calc, Draw

> 5) What file formats did they read/write
     Mainly ODF

> 6) Link to a list of P1 bugs reported on beta:   Did they encounter
> any of these bugs?

> 7) Did they encounter any other bugs?  (Nudge them to enter a BZ report)
   I did not find own new bugs with 4.1.0 Beta

> 8) Did they try any of the new features in AOO 4.1 (list them)
   Can't remember, don't think so

> 9) Any other comments (free text response)
   Regression situation with 4.1.0 still rather unclear, see
   my posting "4.1. Regressions"

Rainer Bielefeld

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