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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: Beta downloads and feedback and a proposed way to the final
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 07:58:57 GMT
On 3/17/14 1:16 AM, Dave Fisher wrote:
> No links to snapshots from the website. It is ASF policy.

it is a somewhat strange policy where the automated generated page is
public available as well, isn't it?

> No advertising of snapshots, but we can let developers know on this list.

where exactly is the difference to link to it from here the list , the
wiki or point on the public available auto generated overview page?

But in general I am no friend of linking to many builds and where we get
even more confusion which build is used by whom. As long as we produce
the official snapshots manually I would prefer to link to them only and
keep the build bots builds.

When we have linux build bots with the correct baseline, a windows bots
equal to the release build machine and a working Mac bot we can for sure
move over to the build bots for general usage.

People who are interested in these are normally following this list as
well. And for all others where we are interested in feedback we do a
blog post and promote the builds like the Beta where we have 138,000
downloads since last Monday.


> Regards,
> Dave
> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Mar 16, 2014, at 4:07 PM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
>> Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>>> 1.
>>> The disclaimer should be above of "Target public" and more detailed -
>>> maybe also in bold, red-colored, etc.
>> See now (still not linked to from
other pages). I kept the CSS local to the page since I didn't want to mess with the side-wide
>>> 2.
>>> The wording should kept more general. Otherwise you have to change the
>>> page again and again depending on time, release mode, purpose, etc.
>> As I wrote at the beginning of the thread, so far it would be enough for me to have
these builds visible during the beta-to-final phase. Then, if we find out it's useful, we
can discuss it further, but focus now should be in having builds more visible in this phase.
>> Regards,
>>  Andrea.
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