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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: decimal point
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 11:43:08 GMT

On 27.03.2014 11:25, jamki wrote:
> Hello, I am sure you heard abot problem with decimal point in calc.
> Why can not use "," and "." as a decimal point like in excel and
> other programs or make it available to configure independently of
> national settings in windows? It is very annoying and frustrating to
> still keep this way in version 4, for such a very long time, when
> millions of people search for solution to make their job easer
> instead of harder! Kind regards. Jamki.

By default the decimal point separator used in all OpenOffice 
applications (Writer, Calc, Impress, ...) depends on the locale setting.

Please have a look at Menu Tools - Options - Languages Settings - 
Languages. Here you found the locale set for OpenOffice. There is also 
the 'Decimal separator key' option. Help content for this option is:
<help content>
Decimal separator key - Same as locale setting
Specifies to use the decimal separator key that is set in your system 
when you press the respective key on the number pad.
If this checkbox is activated, the character shown after "Same as locale 
setting" is inserted when you press the key on the number pad. If this 
checkbox is not activated, the character that your keyboard driver 
software provides is inserted.
</help content>

Thus, I can use "," when I have e.g. a English (US) locale set,
OR "." when I have e.g. a German locale set,
OR the system's decimal separator provided by my operating system, when 
I uncheck the option "Same as locale setting".

Does this help?

Best regards, Oliver.

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