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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Pre-release IRC+video informal meeting?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 12:00:39 GMT
On 3/27/14 1:59 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> I proposed this in another thread a couple weeks ago, but I didn't
> follow up.
> Is there interest for a "live" (meaning: IRC + video, like Google
> Hangouts or similar) meeting to make sure that we (developers, QA,
> Localization, Documentation, website...) are all on the same page
> regarding the upcoming 4.1 release?

we can try such a meeting but I don't see the benefit compared to a
clear communication on the mailing list (can be of course improved).
Having it on the mailing list is good and everything is documented. The
main problem is the different mailing lists and the not correct using of
our tags (e.g. RELEASE, SOURCE, ...). I at least try to mark all release
relevant mails with RELEASE in the subject.

People can ask, propose or whatever on the mailing list and people in a
different timezone can read and reply later.

> Our conversations are scattered across many places and it would be great
> to have an occasion to bring together, in a totally informal way, active
> volunteers from all areas.

Either we do it in a more organized way and define exactly what we
expect or I am not interested. People can discuss on IRC or whatever
media, can collaborate on a proposal and can come back on the list to
share it with the rest.

> It wouldn't be a meeting where things are decided (we have the lists for
> that!), but merely a meeting where people can inform each other to make
> sure that all priorities are being addressed: interesting bug reports
> that need verification, bugs that might qualify as stoppers but that
> need a developer to take a look, improvements to the release notes to
> better describe new features, localization of release notes, changes to
> be done to the localized websites to serve the new release...

I am in favor of having such discussion mainly on the list to have it

> As for date/time, for sure one or two developers should attend for the
> meeting to make sense, so I would leave to them total freedom in picking
> the right date/time.

I am open to try it based on more detailed proposal what we want achieve
and how it should work


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