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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject [RELEASE]: propose refined schedule
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:57:50 GMT

*** follow up discussion please on the the dev list only ***

I think we are going smoothly but straight forward to the AOO 4.1
release. By the way until today we have >208.000 downloads of the Beta.

Only one requested showstopper [1] is open that is not really a
showstopper from my perspective but where I am willing to integrate an
available fix.

The final regression test started already and we will provide a new
build asap. My plan is to have a RC in place for next Wednesday April 2
and start a vote immediately after the availability and run it over the
weekend until Sunday night (12:00pm UTC).

We can and should of course continue our testing during the vote period
but my plan is to have the release ready in time for the ApacheCon.

All open release preparation work should be done or prepared next week.

For example:
- finalize release notes + start translation
- prepare announcement + blog + social media
- ?

Any comments, ideas, opinions on this proposed schedule?



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