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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Version for i-pad?
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2014 14:43:12 GMT

On 2014-03-29, at 08:58, Guy Waterval <> wrote:

> Hi Louis,
> Kickstarter ?
> Could you develop a little more ?
> I don't understand very well.
> Many thanks.
> A+
> -- 
> gw

The issue is that to develop a working ODF editor (and call it what you want) that has close
enough resemblance to the UI for AOO to be acceptable to the AOO (and even LO) user base is
not by any means impossible but does require a significant investment of developer time and
energy—and then a continuing commitment to keeping it up-to-date and bug free.

That the code should be open source would be nice.

Work along the lines of porting AOO to Android has been done; a port exists. But as the dev.
has explained to me, it's more a proof of concept, though a working one, than a useful app.
Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the UI and UX of any tablet differs rather a lot
from the desktop's. For starters, there is less space; then there is no keyboard, though that
can be added to a tablet, easily enough, via Bluetooth. But there are other issues, and they
are not insignificant. 

I have not checked MS's iPad offering, as to actually use the apps for more than viewing (sigh),
one has to pay 100US/annum. That's a lot, and why? If I want a proprietary tool that actually
already reads and edits MSFT files, I can use Apple's free productivity apps. They're actually
pretty good. But they do not support ODF. (I don't think, but have not checked, MSFT on the
iPad supports ODF, either.)

UX Write also supports .docx on the iPad (and all iOS7 devices) but a) it doesn't have change
tracking, b) doesn't yet support ODT, c) is so far proprietary; and d), is only on Apple's
iOS. The developers would certainly include more things and conceivably alter licensing regime


Resources can be simply the money to pay for developers. The inducement of building an app
that would be used in this setting and that would also be, ideally, open source, is probably
today a lot clearer than it was last week, prior to the advent of Office for iPad. The totally
unsurprising popularity of Office/iPad will perhaps make it a lot easier to engage developers
in building something equivalent for AOO—or, as I would prefer, in a way, a good-enough
solution. (Good enough is another way of being realistic: I don't imagine that many spreadsheet
mavens will want to do their thing on a tablet, even with a spare keyboard and the same could
be said of some complex presentation work. But I can see people using the Draw component,
and I do see many using and wanting to use even more the text components. So one builds for
logical use. Second. I don't see the point of preserving the architecture of AOO, though that
is what was done with the port to Android—and I see that as a mistake. Why bother with it?
Peter Kelly of UX Write has built a brilliant text editor for iOS without it, using HMTL…
and is working on ODT support.)

I further think that now is a rather good time to put out a call for table development. Again:
Microsoft's belated splash into the pool. As always, the entry of Microsoft into a market
that shadows its primary (tablet::desktop) profoundly alters that market's dynamics. 

Let's take advantage of that :-)

Hence, somewhat—but not entirely—facetious notion of a Kickstarter-like campaign to garner
funds from the people. I would prefer to have any kind of funded engagement be within Apache's
universe, but it need not be. 

> 2014-03-28 22:41 GMT+01:00 Louis Suárez-Potts <>:
>> On 2014-03-28, at 17:24, FR web forum <> wrote:
>>> Question asked many times
>>> See:
>> Thanks. I'd guess we've already added this q. and its a. to the FAQ?
>> And, just for fun. Say I start a Kickstarter (or equivalent for open
>> source efforts) project..... Idea to build an good enough ODF editor for iOS
>> and Android for, initially, text, then later presentation / calc....
>> louis
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>>> De: "Ilona Gersh" <>
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>>> Envoyé: Vendredi 28 Mars 2014 17:11:22
>>> Objet: Version for i-pad?
>>> Hi, Is there a version of Open Office for I-pads? If not, is one being
>> developed? If not, what do you suggest I use? Ilona
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