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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Native Language and Localization pages on cwiki might benefit from some organization
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 06:15:03 GMT

> From: Louis Suárez-Potts [] 

> About the only place where I can see urgency for a kind of 
> plan is in QA and in meeting release dates. There would be 
> urgency simply to sync with the global marketing deadlines. 
> We had a lot of problems with this in OOo days and there is 
> no simple or even wholly satisfying solution. 

I would agree explicitly, even if I do not work directly in this area. 

I think part of the problem are excessive formal requirements that are not always
fulfilled in practice and then cause that happens nothing. 

Of course it is right to organize the marketing on an international level, if this
is not to create, in some cases, locally organized marketing is better than none.

Please let us also see the reality as it is, for example, in Germany: 

many marketing activities (*) are there currently, supported by the PrOOo-Box
(**), because there is only little local marketing from the AOO project directly.
I think that's not such a bad alternative, especially as the staff of the
PrOOo-Box also are project members in AOO. 

let me just say exactly: marketing for AOO (as the software) not in the name of
AOO (as the project), because the PrOOo box is not not a (official) part of the



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