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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Regarding the repackaging of Windows RC builds
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 16:34:56 GMT
As you may have seen in another thread, we have to rebuild the Windows 
binaries.  This is necessary to be able to install a 4.1 full 
installation set over an already installed 4.0.1.  At the moment you get 
a dialog with text "another version of this product is already 
installed"and then the installation process is terminated.

I will try to explain the technical details, as far as I understand them.

The full installation sets of the RC build (and the release, of course) 
are basically just a wrapper around an MSI file and a lot of data 
files.  The MSI controls how the data files are unpacked and copied into 
c:\Program Files (X86)\OpenOffice 4.  An MSI contains, among a lot of 
other information, a product code and an upgrade code.  Both are UUIDs 
and are used by Windows to check that the program you are installing 
(Apache OpenOffice) is not already installed.  For an update from 4.0.1 
to 4.1 Windows provides an alternative mechanism in from of MSP patch 
files.  I have added initial support for creating MSP files to AOO in 
the second half of 2013 and Juergen has built MSP files for all 
languages so that we can check that these work without error.

The problem with all this is that MSIs and MSPs have competing 
requirements regarding product codes and upgrade codes.  For MSPs (in 
its minor upgrade variant, which lies in size and scope between small 
updates and major upgrades) the product codes have to remain the same 
and the upgrade code has to be different.  The identical product code 
represents the Windows view that both are an OpenOffice 4 with some 
minor differences.  For the MSIs the identical product code is 
interpreted so that both versions are the same product.  Therefore you 
are not allowed to install both at the same time.  I have to figure out 
how to trigger first to uninstall the old version and then install the 
new one.  I thought that that where the default but apparently I never 
tested it.

In the meantime we will re-build the installation sets with randomly 
chosen product codes.  They replace a previously installed 4.0.1 just as 
you would expect.  The only downside with that is that when the 4.2 (or 
whatever the next version will be called) is released, we will not be 
able to provide a single patch that can be applied to both a 4.1 
resulting from a full installation and a 4.0.1 that was patched to 
version 4.1 with an MSP.  The reason for this is that the two have 
different product codes and an MSP patch can only target one specific 
product code. As patches are still not officially released this is 
probably not a big problem.

One final detail.  To fix this problem we don't have to change any 
source code. The source release remains unmodified and the SVN revision 
remains the same.  We just have to go to instsetoo_native and run the 
build command without the "release=t" flag and create new installation sets.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.


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