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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: AOO Weekly News?
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2014 16:03:58 GMT

On 04/06/2014 07:10 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Tal Daniel <> wrote:
>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>> I noticed this blog post from another Apache project, CouchDB:
>>> Isn't that a cool idea?
>>> Sounds like a good idea, to summarize key discussions, and news, for the
>> rest of us who can't track all the forum posts.
>> Weekly? Monthly?
> I don't know.  Maybe something in the middle, like every two weeks?
> It depends on the pace of interesting things on the lists, forums,
> news, etc.
> One easy way to do this would be to have a wiki page called "AOO
> Weekly News" (or something like that).  Anyone in the community can
> add something there.  Then each week (or month or whatever) at an
> agreed-upon time, we cut and past the wiki content into a blog post
> and press "post".  The one thing to test is whether text formatting
> and hyperlinks are preserved when copying and pasting from wiki to
> blog.  But if that does work, this could be an easy solution.
> -Rob

I like this idea.

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