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From "Steele, Raymond" <>
Subject RE: Extension Manager Add Crashes
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 23:20:28 GMT
Following up again with more information. At runtime, when the RuntimeException is thrown on
line 249

nFunctionIndex = 3
pTypeDescr->nMapFunctionIndexToMemberIndex = 0


if(nFunctionIndex >= pTypeDescr->nMapFunctionIndexToMemberIndex)
 throw RuntimeException....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My vtable knowledge is limited.


From: Steele, Raymond
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 10:44 AM
Cc: ''; ''
Subject: RE: Extension Manager Add Crashes

Still trying to figure this out, but I wanted to provide another update.  The code eventually
gets to line 247 in cpp2uno.cxx, then throws the RuntimException( rtl::OUString::createFromAscii("illegal
vtable index!"),  (XInterface *)pThis ) on line 249.

From: Steele, Raymond
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 10:13 AM
Cc: ''; ''
Subject: RE: Extension Manager Add Crashes

Just wanted to update that the actual crash seems to be after the cpp_vtable_call in rtl::OUString::createFromAscii(
inlined ), line 136 in "Reference.hxx"

From: Steele, Raymond
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 9:45 AM
Cc: ''; ''
Subject: Extension Manager Add Crashes

Using OpenOffice 4.0.1 on Solaris 11 x86. The code was compiled using SolarisStudio 12.3 compiler.

When attempt to add an .oxt file using the Extension Manager, the application crashes at
current threat: t@11

[1] cpp_vtable_call(nFunctionIndex = 3, nVtableOffset = 0, pCallStack = 0xe90acea8, nRegReturn
= -1649035904490436800LL) in cpp2uno.cxx
[2] privateSnippetExecutorGeneral(0x9daf5d4, 0xe91d7294, 0xe90ad250, 0xe90ad1ec, 0x0, 0x0),
at 0xf83516a2
[3] dp_registry::backend::component::_unamed_AjaA7n_aOTEvD::BackendImpl::ComponentPackageImpl::processPackage_(this
- 0xe91d7240, _ARG2 = CLASS, doRegisterPackage = true, startup = false, abortChannel = CLASS,
xCmdEnv = CLASS), line 1554 in "dp_component.cxx"

I following issue seems to be related but I cannot decipher the meaning, or if it applies
to my situation.   Hopefully, someone can get me going in the right direction to address this


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