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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: FW: windows xp and open office
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 13:50:47 GMT
On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 9:00 AM, Bob Crook <> wrote:

 at 5:23 PM, Bob Crook <> wrote:
>> How secure will open office be with Windows XP after Microsoft stops
>> supporting? I have been using Office 2003 with Win XP ser pack 3

Thanks for moving this to the public list.  I think this is something
that will be of general interest.  82% of our users run Microsoft
Windows, and of those 15% run Windows XP.

As most of us know Microsoft has announced "End of Support" for April
8th, next week.  After that date there will be no more security
patches provided by Microsoft.

Details on their website:

I've seen predictions from some experts that hackers likely have a
ready inventory of zero-day attacks against Windows XP that they will
wait until after April 8th to use.  When you think of it, that is
their optimal strategy, to strike when Windows XP users are most
numerous and most unprotected.  The longer they wait after April 8th,
the fewer Windows XP machines will be around.

So personally I would not want to be running Windows XP anywhere after
April 8th.  The risk to users and businesses goes up considerably
after that date.

>From the perspective of AOO security, there are two components to think about:

1) Latent security flaws in the AOO code

2) Latent security flaws in Windows XP

For the first set, we fix those when they are discovered and our fixes
should continue to work on Windows XP as well.

For the 2nd set, issues in Windows XP, we might in some cases be able
to workaround such issues in our code. But there are limits to what we
can do on our end.

There is also the likelihood, over time, that it becomes difficult for
us to even remain compatible with Windows XP.  As we increase support
for features of Windows 8, and as Microsoft compilers, libraries and
development tools advance, and may not be possible for to continue
with XP support.  We recently had to drop support for earlier versions
of Mac OS for a similar reason.



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