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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [HOMEPAGE] Limited the height of the area for blog posts and news
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 21:22:22 GMT
On 03/06/2014 Kay Schenk wrote:
> ok, these changes are now published. These two areas could use some
> additional styling changes ( bottom instead of top, scroll
> bars, do news item really need an additional separator? etc.), and date
> format consistency for sure.

If the aim was to keep everything in one screen, then indeed the "extra" 
content is better removed than hidden behind a scroll bar. After all, 
I've just fixed a typo on the homepage that had apparently gone 
unnoticed for more than one month, so it might be that announcements are 
not so important.

For example, removing links to weekly news in the top block and removing 
news from 2013 in the bottom block would already bring both under the 
threshold, and that would be nicer to see. But it's good to have scroll 
bars in place so that we remember not to exaggerate with the sidebar 


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