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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Why is it so hard to make a Java program appear native?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2014 08:14:50 GMT
On 11/08/14 09:59, Peter Kelly wrote:
> An interesting discussion I came across today:
> (and yes I realise OO doesn't use Java for it's UI, but the points
> raised apply to all cross-platform UI toolkits).

indeed and as far as I know it was always a big challenge to make it
working on all supported platforms. Well I am no expert in this area but
we have the VCL layer (visual class library) with an API used all over
in the code and certain backends wrapping the API to native calls (where
necessary) on the different platforms.

> Question: To what extent is the OO UI frontend code separate from the
> backend editing, file format handling, and rendering code? I'm thinking
> in particular here of mobile - which demands a completely different
> approach to user experience design than desktop. Could OO conceivably be
> adapted to mobile by replacing its UI?

The answer is probably yes but the effort is of course very high. The
reason is that it is not so clearly separated as it should be. VCL is
used deeply in the writer core as far as I know.

For the support of mobile I believe a much better separation would be
necessary to have the core independent of the UI or at least have the UI
part accessed via a clean API that the UI part can be easier exchanged.

Probably others can give more details


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