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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [discussion] how to stop mails being sent to multiple lists.
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:15:48 GMT
On 14/08/14 14:02, jan i wrote:
> hi.
> Have you also noticed that the amount of AOO mails have exploded
> lately....sounds good you think lots of activity
> SADLY the truth is different, we have a fair amoun of real mails, but
> something like 8 of 10 are sent to multiple ML.
> It is unwise to send the same mail to multiple lists, for a couple of
> reasons:
> - the discussion becomes scattered over multiple ML
> - you force your fellow community members to read the same mail several
> times
> - you waste our bandwith
> If most mails are copied to most ML....then why do we have so many ML, one
> solution could be to only have dev@ and let the others be an alias
> (absolutely not one I prefer).
> How can we stop this tendency to blow up our inboxes ?

We don't do that normally but for example my mails regarding the
availability of the RC builds are important for at least 3 lists. And I
know that not all people are subscribed or reading dev. But I know that
people read (are subscribed) to QA and l10n. So how can I reach all
interested parties? For me it's simple I send an email to all lists. The
people who are subscribed to all lists potentially found this annoying
but for me it is more important to reach all.

If you have a good idea how to solve this, I am interested to learn.


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