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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [discussion] how to stop mails being sent to multiple lists.
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:08:29 GMT
jan i wrote:
> 1) send the original mail to 1 list, and links on the other list. This is
> the suggested way.

It is the safest, but it is quite inconvenient. One must wait that the 
first e-mail shows up in the archives, Apache archives are bad since 
they do not support threaded view...

> 2) Send the mail to multiple lists, but use BCC, that way the replies will
> not be copied to all lists

Spam concerns aside (linked to BCC), this may work. In the end the issue 
is not with the first announcement (we do have some messages that need 
to be posted to several lists), but with the follow-up. Of course, since 
our lists rewrite Reply-to, one must specify what the follow-up list is.

So: one mailing list in TO, the other ones in BCC, a first line of the 
mail saying "Replies to ; the other lists are 
being included for notification only".

> 3) Send a mail to every list, instead of 1 mail which reference all lists.

This easily leads to crazy thread duplication and should be avoided.

> Remember your mail get replies and that multiplies the traffic.

If it happens that I have to send a mail to multiple lists, I'll do #2 
and I'll trust that people reading the message know what they are doing.


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