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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: DocFormats - Open source OOXML implementation
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2014 05:55:16 GMT
Peter Kelly wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2014, at 5:26 am, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> Does this mean that
>> $ dfutil/dfutil filename.docx filename.html
>> $ dfutil/dfutil filename.html filename2.docx
>> should produce a "filename2.docx" that is quite similar to
>> "filename.docx"? It is failing rather badly (invalid OOXML output in
>> the second conversion, ZIP container clearly missing files and
>> possible breaking order) in a simple test I did with a 1-page docx file.
> I'm not surprised this is the first issue to come up :$ There's a *lot*
> of knowledge I need to document for others; questions from you and
> others are the best way to motivate me to get that written ;)

I've also been fixing (or breaking, who knows!) some documentation on my 
clone (my "fork" as Github likes to call it) but I'll submit a pull 
request only when basic things work.

> Since the
> filename.html you generated does, it tries to map these to elements in
> the docx file, failing badly.

OK, but the following fails equally badly (producing an invalid OOXML 
file, even though this time it looks more consistent in size and 
internal content with filename.docx):
$ dfutil/dfutil filename.docx filename.html
Created filename.html
$ dfutil/dfutil filename.html filename.docx

What the best channel to report this issue and the 38 tests that are 
failing in my setup (provided they are all expected to pass)?

> - Include a hash of the .docx file (or relevant parts of it) in the HTML
> file, e.g. as a meta element or as part of the prefix on all id attributes

Seems a good idea. Perhaps having it as a meta element will be enough, 
unless it makes sense for some reason to link each attribute to a 
specific .docx file. Still, this won't solve the problem above.


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