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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: DocFormats - Open source OOXML implementation
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2014 19:24:33 GMT
On 16/08/2014 Peter Kelly wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2014, at 12:55 pm, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> I've also been fixing (or breaking, who knows!) some documentation on
>> my clone (my "fork" as Github likes to call it) but I'll submit a pull
>> request only when basic things work.
> I've just merged in your changes and also invited you as a committer

Thanks. Note (this is just for information, I have absolutely nothing 
against it!) that Apache projects using Github as primary source have a 
policy of not integrating code without a pull request. So one needs to 
"fork" (in the Github sense of course, so not a "fork" in its common 
meaning) the project and create a pull request. This is necessary 
because Apache prefers (and at time requires) that all patches being 
integrated are not only under the right license, but also voluntarily 
contributed. "Apache Way" class finished, sorry for being boring and 
let's move on...

> Then you'll be able to push directly to it instead of
> having to maintain your own fork.

Perfect. Of course, it was a fork in the Github meaning rather than the 
common meaning, so I never meant to maintain a separate version, I just 
wanted to produce pull requests,

> I vote that we establish a policy of rebasing instead of merging in the
> general case (unless there's a good reason to do otherwise), as this
> will help maintain a mostly-linear history

No strong preferences for me. But I won't commit anything to the 
repository until I get my account properly configured, since it is from 
my work account and I can't afford to mix (so, if a couple of commit 
with the wrong e-mail address already sneaked in, this is already bad, 
but I'll now setup my accounts and environments properly before doing 
any other activity).

Anyway, I have nothing to commit at the moment in terms of code.


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